grinding kit mirror

mirror grinding kit grind and polish telescope mirror at hom

mirror grinding kit grind and polish telescope mirror at home mirror blank grinding tool grinding powders ceruim oxide optical polish

Joy of Mirror Making Rough Grinding Mel Bartels

The Joy of Mirror Making Mel Bartels Rough Grinding The first milestone is putting a curve into the mirror face The curve 39 s depth dictates the mirror 39 s focal length The curve should be spherical Creating the curve can be done by several methods The curve is ground into the mirror face using a grinding tool The curve is nbsp

Optical Components Beacon Hill Telescopes

Beacon Hill Telescopes star gif 494 bytes OPTICAL COMPONENTS star gif 494 bytes Complete Mirror Kits These kits offer two disks of Chance Pilkington float glass with fine ground edges The best quality grinding smoothing and polishing powders together with special optical polishing pitch complete the kit The are nbsp

optics Newtonian Telescope Making Kit Tejraj

GSO offers very HIGH quality parabolic mirrors for the people who want to build their own Newtonian telescopes Astronomical Telescope Mirrors KIT 1 12 Wave are polished and figured to yield high level performance Each mirror is aluminized with reflectivity of 93 and hard over coated with protective over coat ready for nbsp

Sources for Parts home made telescope Building a Telescope

ASM sells mirror blanks mirror grinding kits educational mirror grinding kits completed mirrors and secondaries and even scopes Their completed mirrors start at 10 inches at a price of 399 99 US They sell kits in sizes starting at 8 inches at 109 US 165 Canadian plus another 67 US 100 Canadian to have it nbsp

Wooden Telescope Part 1 the Mirror 14 Steps with Pictures

In this part I will show you how you can build the key element of a telescope The primary mirror A good mirror will Epoxy glue I bought a kit from First Hand Discovery than contained all these items for 155 8 quot mirror kit Mark the larger holes with a Sharpie and continue grinding until those are gone That 39 s a sign that nbsp

ATM 39 s Resource List I Mirror Making Kits and Supplies

17 Jan 2016 They feature an Amateur Telescope Starter Kit a deluxe kit with all the supplies you 39 ll need for several mirrors Visit Ocean State Abrasives or Blanks mirror kits books Visit Firsthand Discovery or Palomar Optical Supply P O Box 1310 Wildomar CA 92595 Tel 909 245 9636 Mirror grinding kits

Grinder Accessories Gryphon Corporation

Items 1 22 of 22 Convertible Grinder Platform middot Convertible Grinder Pump middot Dressing Stone middot Convertible 6 95 Grinder Face Shield Kit middot Gryphette Platform middot Studio Grinder Platform 13 95 3 4 inch Standard Mirror Grinding Bit middot 1 4 inch Fine Cylindrical Grinding Pin middot 1 4 inch Super Power Cylindrical Grinding Pin

Telescope Mirror Kits Firsthand Discovery

Stellafane ATM Selecting the Mirror Surface to Grindstellafane org tm atm grind side htmlIf you mirror kit came with two glass blanks but they are different chances are one is intended to be the tool and one the mirror for instance many kits from Newport Glass come this way If one piece of glass has concentric rings molded into it this is the grinding surface of the glass tool so put it aside and only consider the nbsp

Telescope Making Supplies Willmann Bell

We provide a complete line of amateur telescope making ATM supplies including Mirror kits Pyrex abrasives pitch and polishing compounds Further special processing steps are used to produce abrasive grains of like shape and edge for longer and more economical grinding action There are many different ways to nbsp

mirror grinder page James Crombie

Both of these mirrors were bought but I still wanted to grind one myself I ordered an 8 quot kit from Willman Bell but it has sat on the shelf for several years now The current project really started out as a design exercise for my CAD work something to hone my skills on About the same time we scrapped a DoAll lapping machine nbsp

Optical Mirrors Optical Mirror Edmund Optics

Laser Line Mirrors View All middot Argon Ion Laser Line Mirrors middot Excimer Laser Line Mirrors middot Fiber Laser Mirrors middot Gires Tournois Interferometer GTI Mirrors middot High Performance Laser Diode Mirrors Nd YAG Laser Line Mirror Kits Nd YAG Laser Line Mirrors Ultrafast Laser Line Mirrors nbsp

See the section on making a tool

In fact many suppliers such as Willmann Bell sell mirror making kits with two pieces of glass in the kit one for the mirror and one for the tool When the student For your grinding tool you will mold the tool to match the curve of the hogged out mirror blank that way you will not grind the edge tiles so thin that they break off

2018 Mirror Making Workshop Texas Star Party

Our Amateur Telescope Making ATM team will help you by supplying their expert guidance mirror making stands and testing equipment Located inside the Lodge building you 39 ll have a protected environment to grind polish and test your mirror See photos from the including these mirror kit and related suppliers

Dick Parker 39 s Telescope Mirror Workshop Supplies Checklist

These bottles are used to make abrasive water slurry for fine grinding and cerium oxide slurry for polishing Mustard Mirror Kits Complete mirror making kits may be purchased from Newport Glass or Willmann Bell A bit more expensive but the mirror blank tool abrasives pitch and cerium oxide are packaged Please nbsp

Mirror Making Material Stathis Firstlight

Material for the mirror maker Borosilicate glass blanks grinding and polishing material

Making of a 10 quot telescope primary mirror Rutgers Physics

polishing polished mirror on the test stand while figuring and my home made Foucault tester lt polishing started with a 10 quot mirror making kit from Willmann Bell polishing while grinding the mirror pitch lap making the pitch lap for polishing cold press cold pressing the pitch lap pitch lap finished pitch lap ready for polishing

Telescope making and Maintenance

Make a spider for a few dollars or buy one for 30 to 40 Make a focuser for a few dollars or buy one for 30 to 75 Eye pieces will run 50 each from Orion You will want a couple Bottom line if you buy a mirror grinding kit make the base with plywood buy a focuser spider and eye piece you should be able to make nbsp


The following are starter kits consisting of items listed elsewhere in this catalog All the mirror blanks and grinding tools have a plano surface flat surface unless otherwise noted The grinding and polishing compounds are listed and are believed to be adequate to complete a finished mirror however the actual quantity nbsp

Making a Mirror Bob May 39 s Astronomy Site

Preliminary Things Lets get all the stuff together that we need This list is what 39 s needed for making a mirror and it 39 s a pretty complete list so let 39 s the stuff together and get to the work at hand namely grinding the mirror Pull out all the parts of the mirror kit if you got one and put the various grits in the jars If you don 39 t get a kit nbsp

Angle Grinder Metal Polishing Kit for polishing aluminium amp steel

Angle Grinder Metal Polishing Kit for polishing aluminium amp stainless steel This Angle Grinder Metal Polishing Kit will remove scratches and prep the metal ready to then polish up to a shiny bright mirror finish

Making a 12 inch Mirror DIY Astronomer Stargazers Lounge

10 Sep 2010 Ordinary plate glass is quite good enough for mirrors upto about 14 inches in diameter bigger than this and the thickness becomes a problem plate glass is only available in thicknesses upto 25mm A good source for blanks and grinding materials is telescope kits build your own newtonian dobsonian

Mirror grinding Telescope making

You might purchase a mirror grinding kit and have everything you need included If such a kit is unavailable you need to do some scrounging You can order a 19 mm thick disc at your local glass shop Such glass is usually used for tabletops and window displays A ship porthole will also do very nicely You can use nbsp

Telescope Mirrors Blanks Secondaries Grinding Materials

Aluminium oxide grinding powder per kilo 40AUD Tin oxide grinding powder per kilo 30AUD Pumice grinding powder per kilo 30AUD 80 Grade grinding powder per 8 quot mirror 2AUD 120 quot quot 2AUD 220 quot quot 3AUD 320 quot quot 4AUD 500 quot quot 6AUD 1000 quot quot 8AUD 1600 quot quot 8AUD Cerium Oxide quot 8AUD Lap resin kit quot 15 nbsp

Telescope Mirror Making Kits and Supplies Grind your own

TelescopeMirrorKits Com providing complete telescope mirror making kits and mirror grinding supplies for telescope makers

Grinding my first 6 quot f 8 Telescope Mirror YouTube

27 Oct 2011 This video shows a few initial stages of making a primary mirror for a 6 quot f 8 telescope I 39 m a newbie so bear with me in my ignorance as a first timer making

Telescope telescope construction build most brands pricelists kits

8 Dec 2015 EQUIPMENT FOR MAKING A TELESCOPE MIRROR SUGGESTED Grinding Materials Sagitta gauge to measure the center depth 8 containers to hold the grinding compounds 1 small container to hold the polishing compound Spray Bottle for water Small clean brush to apply polish Towel or nbsp

Telescope Making Supplies vcsm Vacuum Coatings Ltd

Grinding Powders Silicon Carbide C Rough grinding powders for grinding mirrors to the required curve starting with flat non diamond generated mirror blank and grinding tool Three grades of coarse grinding powders are listed below The table advises the probable amount of each grade of powder needed to grind the nbsp

Telescope Mirror Blanks TelescopeMirrorBlanks Com Grind Your

Telescope Mirror Blanks Providing telescope mirror blanks and kits to telescope makers Mirror blanks are individually tested for internal strain logo Plastic protractor inserted under a 6 inch mirror blank during a stress test to illustrate what stress would look like if there were any present All blanks test like this or they nbsp

Telescope Makers Workshop Chabot Space amp Science Center

We charge no fees to attend the workshop All of our instructors are unpaid volunteers You will be expected to buy your own materials including a mirror blank a grinding tool a rinse bucket a spray bottle and paper towels The workshop carries a small stock of mirror kits for sale at cost and we can provide you with the nbsp

How to Build a Telescope IUCAA SciPOP

The primary mirror gathers light from astronomical objects and focuses it in its focal plane The small flat mirror turns the image around through 900 so that it can be viewed thorough the eyepiece About 50 is of the labour involved in making a telescope of this type goes into grinding and polishing the primary mirror nbsp

Tell me about grinding your own telescope lenses Straight Dope

5 Dec 2007 It was alive and well in the late 1960 39 s when I was a teenager I recall looking at the Edmund Scientific catalog which featured many kits for grinding your own mirrors for reflector telescopes They also supplied everything else for telescope building tubes mounts eyepieces etc

Starshine Mirror Grinding amp Polishisng Azinet

10 Jan 2000 First of all unpack the contents of your Starshine Mirror Grinding and Polishing Kit Fig 1 and make sure all the required materials are there In addition to the set of instructions that you are presently reading you should find the following items Fig 2 Click on these colored figure numbers for color images nbsp

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